The overall goal of Suburban Self-Reliance (SSR) is to help those of us living in the suburbs realize that increased self reliance is possible.  Many times when self reliance is discussed, the setting is usually a rural area with several acres of land.  Unfortunately, some of us simply do not have that opportunity at the moment.  For one reason or another, we live in suburbia and will continue to live here.  However, just because we live in the suburbs does not mean we cannot become more self reliant.

Self reliance can take on many forms:

  • Increasing your own food production – planting a garden or raising your own small livestock
  • Less reliance on systems of support (power, water)
  • Doing some of your own home repairs
  • Learning new skills (fishing, hunting, bee keeping)
  • Preparations for natural disasters (from thunderstorms to earthquakes)
  • Increasing your ability to go longer without visiting a grocery store

The simple fact is that all of these things can be done regardless of where you live with some adaptations.  Instead of having a 1/2 acre vegetable garden, you use intensive gardening techniques and scale down to accommodate your 1/10 acre lot (which is what I have).  Instead of raising sheep or goats, you raise chickens or rabbits.

I first became seriously involved in preparedness and self reliance in the fall of 2009.  Starting a new job after being laid off for almost a year and I was looking for podcasts to listen to on my 1+ hour commute to work.  The Survival Podcast  was my solution and found what I had been missing all these years.  Something was missing but I could not put my finger on it.  Jack and the TSP helped make a profound change in my life and pointed me in the right direction.  Since that time I have changed jobs and work much closer to home; doubled the size of my vegetable garden; planted blueberries, elderberries, high-bush cranberries; begun working with herbal remedies; have eliminated all debt with the exception of the mortgage and car loan.  But this is only the beginning……………………


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