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The Israeli Battle Dressing is a must for your medical kit.  This tool was developed in the 1990s by an Israeli medic and then introduced to the US military in 2000.  It has since become widely stocked in medical kits.

This bandage combines a sterile dressing, an elastic bandage, and a pressure applicator all into one item.  It eliminates the need to create a makeshift dressing in the field.  Additionally, it is designed so that you can put it on yourself even if you only have one hand to do it.

Using them is quite simple and effective.  Instead of me explaining it, ITS
has a great video showing it.  ITS Tactical also recommends removing the outer packaging so that you can get it applied quicker.  There is additional packaging so the bandage sterile even with the outer package removed.

You can find many different versions of this bandage.  I have had very good luck getting them from Amazon.  I usually buy the:

Ever Ready Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage, 6 Inch

If you don’t have the Israeli Battle Dressing in your medical kit I highly recommend you get one or even better get a couple.  I have them in all my medical kits.


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