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Easy water storage is the key to getting more people to focus on this important prep.  As a society we are accustomed to water coming out of our tap whenever we want.  As a result, many people including myself have become complacent.  We expect it will always be there.  However, we all know that there may come a day when we turn on the faucet and there is not water or our water is contaminated and we cannot use it.

Hole in Preps

Water has always been a hole in my preps.  I somewhat plugged that hole by getting a Berkey Water Filter, but the reality is that it still existed.  I could filter water but I did not have any water stored in case none was available.  My concern is not the possibility of a long term emergency because that will mean a total shift in how I get water, but a short term one, a water main break or a boil water order.

A couple weeks ago I was listening to Jack Spirko on The Survival Podcast and he once again talked about storing water. He did not say anything new but for some reason I heard it this time.  It was time to plug that hole once and for all.

2 Liter Bottles

While there are a multitude of ways to store water I needed a method that met these three criteria:

  • Able to store in a small place
  • No or low cost
  • Easy to maintain


The perfect method that meets all three of the above is using 2 liter soda bottles.  In addition to the above they are designed to hold an acidic liquid so they will not break down easily over time.  The bottles are readily available at a very low cost.  Even if you don’t drink anything that comes in 2 liter bottles, more than likely you know someone who does. Personally, I drink seltzer water so I have access to a resource that I was previously recycling.

Cleaning and Filling

Cleaning the bottles is very simple.

  1. Empty the bottle
  2. Give it a quick rinse
  3. Add a small amount of dish washing soap and fill with water
  4. Let sit overnight
  5. Empty and rinse thoroughly


At this point your bottle is ready to be filled with tap water.  There is no need to add bleach but you can if it makes you feel better.

My plan is to rotate this water supply on a yearly basis.  The water will be fine for even longer periods but it begins to get a “flat” flavor over time.  Since we all have access to a good water supply, there is no reason not to rotate them.

There you go, easy water storage at its simplest.  As of today I have four 2 liter bottles in my small storage space.  My goal is to get it to at least 10.  I should be able to do this easily and the only thing holding me back is access to more water bottles.  I can only drink so much seltzer.  This will get me through any short term emergency.  If you don’t have any water stored, I recommend you try the above.  It is easy to do and will barely cost you anything.


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