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Keeping your cell phone charged is becoming more and more important. Let’s face it, our phones are hand-held computers that allow us to do so much more than talk and text. In a time of crisis it can keep you up to date on what is happening, not only through news websites but scanner apps that you can download.

One of the challenges is keeping your cell phone charged at all times. A drained battery and your cell phone becomes an expensive paper weight.

There are three main places where you need to be able to charge your phone:

  • Home or Office
  • Car
  • Other (When you don’t have access to either home or car)

Home or Office

Electrical outlets in the home or office are probably the most common way to charge your cell phone. We all have that wall charger that came with our phones when we bought it. That is the problem, we all have one.

You should, at the very least, have three wall chargers. One for your home, one for work or school, and a third that you carry with you. The first two are self explanatory, but why one that you carry with you?

You carry a wall charger with you in case you need to charge your phone from an electrical outlet while you aren’t home or at work. For example, let’s say you are evacuated from home, school, or work because of an emergency. Your phone battery is running low but you want to stay in touch with family through the event so they know you are OK. If you have that third charger with you, you could use an electrical outlet at your new location. Problem solved.


Using a car charger is the second most common way to charge a cell phone. Most people have one. However, having a second car charger is a good idea.

Envision that you have to go somewhere in a friend’s car. They only have a charger for an Android phone. You have an IPhone. You are out of luck if you have to charge your phone because the adapters are different. However, if you have your own car charger you wouldn’t have a problem.


Another situation you may face is that you are not near an outlet nor are you in a car to charge. Your phone is dying so what do you do? This is where the power pack comes in.

These are essentially batteries that, depending on the size, can recharge your phone multiple times. Some are small, but I tend to like the larger ones because they have more charging capacity.

I have one for myself and both my kids got them for XMas last year. They are very handy. We even used one at Disney World. This past summer we used them over a camping weekend to keep the phones charged. I find them to be an essential item and carry one with me at all times.

What You Need

Now you know what you need and why you need them. However, how many of each do you need? This is what I recommend:

Wall Chargers – 3 (1 for home, 1 for work/school, 1 to carry with you)
Car Chargers – 2 (1 for your car, 1 to carry with you)
Battery Packs – 1 to carry with you

When I say carry with you, I don’t mean on your person. I carry mine in a backpack that I take to and from work with me.

Here are some specific recommendations. I own and use all of these.

iclever Travel Charger

I purchased a couple of these a few months ago and love them.  The prongs fold in so they are very portable.

Samsung Adaptive Fast Car Charger

I picked this up when I got my new Samsung phone.  It is very quick charging and has two ports.

Jackery Giant + Battery

I keep this in my “get home bag” in my car.  It has come in handy many times.  It has enough capacity to charge a phone multiple times.

Anker Micro-USB Charging Cables

The exact item I bought is no longer available, however this is close.  The only difference is mine came with two nylon braided cables.  These are very nice as they are fast charging and come in varying lengths (1 ft., 3ft., 6ft., and 10ft.)

Setting yourself up to keep your cell phone charged at all times is not difficult nor expensive. You simply need to plan ahead and have the different chargers for the various different situations you may be in. Do you have any other recommendations?


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